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We are a professional service company led by the leading professionals in the industry who are involved in the development of the Global BPO industry. Our many years of experience in managing extensive managed services projects and access to the talent pool are the guarantee of success that every new project will be successfully carried out and developed further.

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The quality of services we provide matches or exceed the quality provided by our counterparts in other Western European geographies in Europe, but at significantly lower costs. Belgrade is still an unsaturated market compared to most of the CEE locations and still falls into low-cost tier in the industry’s cost matrix. Quality service, combined with significant cost savings will add to any business that outsources part of their non-core back or front office activities to Rhein Solutions.

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Call us at +49 (0) 202 261 57 698 or +38163337000! Use our experienced team experts and TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY in INTERNATIONAL operating and expanding BPO location. Reduce costs without loss of Service quality and increase your flexibility through very good language knowledge and skills


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We are serving customers all around the globe and our Ecosystem is multi lingual and multi national.


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We are open 24/7 and our center works 365 days annually and we support many different verticals


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Our teams are Awesome!!! Our people are highly skilled an motivated and our true Heroes!



Our business model is based on high level success. We can promise all deliveries to be in with highest rates

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Data Network system has own IT room with redundant network devices. IT room has UPS, environmental control devices, fire alarm system and fire fighting system. ISP provider: Rhein Solutions uses two (2) separate, fully redundant lines / circuits. The first line from a local ISP and the second line from redundant-separate ISP. Building Access is Restricted to two (2) levels. Authorization is required to access the office building. First entrance level secured by security personnel 24/7.


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Rhein Solutions offers a wide range of centralized and decentralized services for managed services with a focus on help desk, second level support, inbound telephony, order processing and scheduling. These services are tailored to the requirements of your company.

Fast Setup

We have established all infrastructure and staffing requirements

High Security Standards

We have took all measures to Secure our relation with our partners

Optimized Software

We use all necessary tools in order to achieve High performance

Daily Monitoring

We are performing real time daily monitoring of our Processes and Flows

Unlimited Staff Availability

We are here to support your Business 24/7/365 Annually

Platform Integration

We provide inter connectivity with with your platforms

IT Equipment Insurance

We have all our equipment insured from any type of disaster

Executive Search

We can perform our own recruiting with executive support from our HR team

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We are able to provide high cost effective Solutions

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