Belgrade / Serbia


  • Belgrade is the new hot spot for hosting shared service centers, as confirmed by the recent setup of global industry players.
  • Still an unsaturated BPO location, compared to its counterparts in the rest of CEE
  • One of the largest cities in the region
  • University center with around 130,000 students.
  • Rich pool of candidates with good language and technical skills. Recruitment of young graduates is still fairly simple, especially among the under-30 population.
  • Reliable workforce, with good business culture and high level multiligualism.
  • Low attrition rates – 5%, compared to more than 20% in usual BPO locations in CEE
  • Reliable and quality telecom infrastructure
  • One of Europe’s most exciting cities for leisure and night life
  • Easily accessible, connected with daily flights to all major European cities/transportation hubs


Key players of the service industry