About Us

Rhein Solutions is a Belgrade based professional services company ran by a team of experienced professionals gathered around the idea of providing top-quality services to its clients. Our experience stems from years of leading Managed Services projects for global leaders in many verticals. Make use of that experience and get a top quality service for your clients, while making significant cost savings for your company.

The company is established in September 2015 by a group of leading professionals involved in the development of BPO industry in Belgrade and NCR’s success story in Belgrade (more about it here ). Years of their experience in leading large scale Managed Services projects for companies like BMW and Amazon and access to the local talent pool in Belgrade guarantee success for any future project of Rhein Solutions. Rhein Solutions is currently successfully servicing one of the largest logistics companies in Germany and expects a launch of a similar project for one of the leading global oil and gas companies in April 2017. However, we see a lot of potential for further business development and we invite you to become our clients.

The quality of services we provide matches or exceed the quality provided by our counterparts in other Western European geographies in Europe, but at significantly lower costs. Belgrade is still an unsaturated market compared to most of the CEE locations and still falls into low-cost tier in the industry’s cost matrix. Quality service, combined with significant cost savings will add to any business that outsources part of their non-core back or front office activities to Rhein Solutions. Moreover, we are open to any kind of cooperation that would deploy our skills, experience, knowledge of the local environment and access to talent pool – partnering in establishment of captive centers for our clients, assistance in set-up and recruitment of candidates, external hiring, in-sourcing etc.

Our offices are located in the heart of Belgrade’s business area – New Belgrade, easily accessible from the Belgrade Airport (10 minutes ride by car), as well as downtown Belgrade (5 minutes). It is also well connected with other parts of the town via public transportation.

  • High-tech facility in the heart of Belgrade’s business area
  • Redundant UPS power/battery backup
  • Redundant HVAC
  • Redundant network devices and services.
  • Multiple Telecom providers (local ISP + Hungarian Telecom)
  • Multiple access security levels
  • 24X7 monitoring of facilities, services and application servers
  • Additional space readily available – 300 sq m of space at immediate dispense
  • Abundance of new office buildings – after years of stagnation, Belgrade office space market is in full swing

Belgrade / Serbia


  • Belgrade is the new hot spot for hosting shared service centers, as confirmed by the recent setup of global industry players.
  • Still an unsaturated BPO location, compared to its counterparts in the rest of CEE
  • One of the largest cities in the region
  • University center with around 130,000 students.
  • Rich pool of candidates with good language and technical skills. Recruitment of young graduates is still fairly simple, especially among the under-30 population.
  • Reliable workforce, with good business culture and high level multiligualism.
  • Low attrition rates – 5%, compared to more than 20% in usual BPO locations in CEE
  • Reliable and quality telecom infrastructure
  • One of Europe’s most exciting cities for leisure and night life
  • Easily accessible, connected with daily flights to all major European cities/transportation hubs


Key players of the service industry